About this Blog

This is a blog about nature: it’s about the nature which surrounds us, the nature which lives in and on us, and–not least–it’s about our place in nature.

Who am I to be writing about such weighty topics? Well, my main qualification is that I’m a human being who loves wild nature. I also happen to have a degree in biodiversity & conservation, another in biosystematics, and I’ve done research in botany, mycology and the effects of prehistoric climate change. Nowadays I’m a writer.

I’ve been meaning to launch this blog for some time, and fate has presented me with the perfect opportunity. Having rashly signed up for the 30 Days Wild initiative run by The Wildlife Trusts, my hand has been forced. I’ll be having encounters with nature and blogging about my random acts of wildness every day during June. After that, we’ll see.

Perhaps I’ll work on more blog posts, maybe some articles, or possibly a book. But I’ll definitely continue to spend a lot more time in the wild.

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